Sketchlog, Arquitetos Lda.

Sketchlog, Arquitetos Lda, was born on the initiative of two young architects, accustomed to a peculiar architectural language, which is patent in the originality and customization of each project. Moreover, the permanent teamwork is reflected in a sustained growth through 10 years of experience in design and building.

Our main qualities:
– Innovative and bold project design;
– Implementation and fulfillment of schedules, always taking into account the best quality / price balance;
– Objective methodology in the analysis of the solution intended by the client;
– Personalized relationship, encouraging the participation and interaction of the client with the project team;
– Ability to execute all project phases;
– High requirement in the constructed projects and in the work of our collaborators;

Our objectives:
– To constantly improve the quality of the services provided;
– Client satisfaction;
– Opportunity to work with multidisciplinary teams;
– To ensure a continued success;

Our expectations:
The bar is increasingly high, the clients are more demanding and sophisticated, with an ever increasing sensitivity to Architectural Design, so their participation in the decision process is fundamental. We want to increase the level of professional effectiveness in order to broaden horizons without losing the practical perception of building a reality.

By investing in a flexible, professional and dynamic structure, we try to provide consistent and fast responses to meet the needs of all clients who come looking for our services.

All our architectural proposals have a modern and contemporary image, emphasizing lines of simplicity, without neglecting the new construction technologies and materials, which make buildings more ecological and sustainable. The play between different elements such as light, space and materials is our greatest “tool” for creating environments capable of offering comfort and well-being, never belittling our main objective, the creation of a minimalist aesthetics in our/your projects, for which we have all the necessary logistics.

For a better management of the several factors, our company has a constantly improving entrepreneurial vision, particularly focused on the training of the team, which is the greatest guarantee of subsistence for the future.


Construir uma casa tornou-se uma aventura. É preciso paciência, coragem e entusiasmo.

O projecto de uma casa surge de formas diferentes. Subitamente, por vezes, às vezes lenta e penosamente. Tudo depende da sensibilidade e da capacidade de encontrar estímulos – bengala e definitiva do arquitecto.

O projecto de uma casa é quase igual ao de qualquer outra: paredes, janelas, portas, telhado. E contudo é único. Cada elemento se vai transformar, ao relacionar-se. Em certas momentos, o projecto ganha vida própria.

Transforma-se então num animal volúvel, de patas inquietas e de olhos inseguros.

Se as tuas transfigurações não são compreendidas, ou dos seus desejos é satisfeito mais do que o essencial, torna-se um monstro. Se tudo quanto nele parece evidente e belo se fixa, torna-se ridículo. Se é demasiadamente contigo, deixa de respirar e morre.

O projecto está para o arquitecto como o personagem de um romance está para o autor: ultrapassa-o constantemente. É preciso não o perder.

O desenho persegue-o.

Mas o projecto é um personagem com muitos autores, e faz-se inteligente apenas quando assim é assumido, é obsessivo e impertinente em caso contrário.

O desenho é o desejo de inteligência. (…)SIZA VIEIRA, Álvaro. 01 textos. Construir

Sketchlog Team

Hugo Pereira

Hugo Pereira

Arquiteto / Architect

Hugo Pereira
Hugo Pereira

Arquiteto / Architect +351 281 094 009

Pedro Lucas

Pedro Lucas

Desenho Técnico / Technical Drawing

Pedro Lucas
Pedro Lucas

Desenho Técnico / Technical Drawing +351 281 094 009

I am a Draftsman/Designer with experience in CAD and digital production of multimedia content. I have training in classical guitar, experience as a teacher/trainer. I offer creative and innovative solutions for various types of projects.
Janete Pereira

Janete Pereira

Administrativa / Administrative

Janete Pereira
Janete Pereira

Administrativa / Administrative +351 281 094 009


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